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1. What Should I Focus On If I’m New To MMA?


Focus on The Fundamentals of MMA. With an emphasis on Fighting Stance, Footwork, and Defensive Skills (head movement, blocking, parrying, etc.)

Why learn defense before offense?

Because if you don’t have confidence in your defense, you will lack the confidence in your offense.

I suggest you read this article for a deeper understanding:

How to start?

Four options: *inspired by Ido Portal’s FAQ

A. The no-money, little motivation, want to fuck around kind of person.

B. The no-money, ton of motivation kind of person.

Begin your research online – read anything on this site.

Start with:

Google MMAShredded, Ido Portal, John Danaher, Firas Zahabi and any good mentor, coach, teacher, or inspiration you find fit and research everything. Go into Youtube and watch all the interviews, advice and tutorials. Go into Facebook/Instagram and watch all the clips, read important captions, hidden gem comments, And then… IMPLEMENT.

C. The got money and ton of motivation and willing to travel kind of person.

  • Go to one of their workshops, seminars, & events – around the world or even check out their gym. When they post an event, it may be sold out within hours—Act Fast.

D. The got the money and ton of motivation and not willing to travel kind of person.

  • Buy their Online Courses / Online Coaching

Expect long hours. Expect it to be expensive. Expect HARD WORK. Not for you? Yes, it may really not be for you.

Online Courses:

A good way to build a foundation for MMA Striking is Jeff Chan MMAShredded’s online course: The MMA Striker.

Here’s my Full Review on it.

Now the best online courses to learn the Fundamentals of BJJ is no other than John Danaher’s fundamental series: Go Further Faster.

There are 8 Volumes.

In addition, John Danaher recently just came out with a new series that will teach you the fundamental standing skills. This series will complement BJJ very well as you will learn how to take the fight to the ground starting from a standing position. Here’s Vol. 1 of the series.

As you will soon find out, this shit ain’t cheap…BUT if you have a willing training partner, I honestly believe you can go pretty far with just the programs and a partner alone. Will you be able to receive a black belt? No, you will need to train with a reliable coach for that. But, you will get a grasp of the moves. Keep in mind that buying 9 of these courses will be equivalent to paying 9 months at a notable BJJ gym. Not only that, but John Danaher’s sound instruction is among the best, if not THE BEST.

2. What Are The Prerequisites To Training MMA?

You must be alive, breathing, and motivated as fuck. No, you do not need to know how to throw a punch or defend a takedown right off the bat—that’s the coaches job to get you there.

Check this article out:

3. How Do I Train MMA By Myself?

You will never reach your full potential by training MMA all by yourself.

Essentially what you need are:

  • Training partners
  • The right Training Program from the right Coach (in person OR online)
  • The right equipment

Finding a good gym will contain these things BUT, if you’re a broke mofo, broken mofo (injured), or just simply fat, sick, and nearly dying at home due to a global pandemic then by all means…

Read this helpful article:

4. How Do I Find The Best MMA Gym?

The Perfect Gym will include specific tools, reliable partners, and above all look for a coach with a PROCESS.

Read Ido Portal’s “The Good Teacher Holy Trinity” at the home page.

5. What Are Some MMA Specific Drills?

MMAShredded is my #1 resource for drills specifically for MMA.

Here are some of my favorite FREE drills you can find on his YouTube Channel.

You can find more of his Premium Drills from MMAShredded’s Online Courses.

6. What Is The Best Conditioning For MMA?

I am from a camp that says conditioning work should be done in the sport you are competing in. ASK YOURSELF: What do you think will develop it optimally? —Actually practicing hard activity of MMA or trying to emulate the energy system responsible for it (anaerobic / aerobic to some degree) in a non specific pattern?

Marcelo Garcia has a similar school of thought when it comes to strength and conditioning.

    Although, I DO BELIEVE that a separate STRENGTH Program can increase strength more efficiently and specifically (i.e. muscle imbalances, weak links, etc.) compared to MMA Training alone.

    Solo Heavy Bag Training

    If you’re looking for a practical way to condition your body for MMA (striking), there’s nothing better than heavy bag training. Whereas BJJ rolling, wrestling, or submission wrestling, would be the best form of conditioning for MMA grappling. Heavy bag training is something you can do on your own without the need of someone holding pads for you, and without the worry of hurting your training partner. This allows you to hit with 100% power while increasing your anaerobic threshold.

    MMAShredded’s Solo Heavy Bag Training is what I used personally to improve my power, endurance, technique maintain weight, and strengthen my discipline.

    Sneak Peak of whats included:

    • Beginner workouts
      • develop momentum
      • same side striking
    • Pre-intermediate workout
      • setting up punches with kicks
      • in-n-out footwork/creating angles
    • Intermediate workout
      • Intro to high kicks
      • Explosive jump attacks
    • Advanced workouts
      • High/medium/low combos
      • Switch hitting & spinning attacks

    And a whole lot more. (2+ hours of workouts)

    *Even includes a BONUS heavy bag workout for ground & pound.

    7. How/When Do I Start Sparring?

    Ask your coach. A good coach accesses your progress from an outside perspective. They should know what you’re good at and what you need to work on.

    For those who don’t have a coach or don’t trust their coaches’s judgement (if this is the case you should look for another coach) the Best way for self-assessment is to film yourself training. Try to make assessments based on what you see in front of you. The film doesn’t lie.

    Also listen to the opinions of some people you trust. But, also bear in mind that other peoples’ opinion of you are inaccurate too. Therefore, Video is a better way to study yourself than your own perceptions of yourself or other peoples’ perceptions.

    This Tip was applied from John Danaher:

    Prep To Spar

    One of the better ways that i’ve learned how to prepare myself before a sparring sesh comes from Jeff Chan MMAShredded’s online course Prep To Spar & Fight.

    You will learn many partner drills like:

    • Countering hands with hands
    • Countering hands with kicks
    • Countering hands with takedowns
    • Sprawl with back take
    • Sweep, submit, or stand up from Guard
    • Guard Pass
    • & many more…

    All of these drills help development reaction time, movement flow, quick decision making, & rhythm.

    These positional sparring drills not only prepare you for the most common fight situations, but they even mimic the same “aliveness” as how a real fight would feel like. In other words, very Practical Shit.

    8. What Is The Best Diet For MMA? How Do I Cut Weight?


    Diets should be specifically tailored to the individual. There is no “one be all” diet for the masses—if this were true then food allergies would not exist.

    For me, I seem to perform at my best with a Carnivore Diet.

    My Personal Benefits:

    • Easy to maintain a stable weight
    • Less inflamed joints, less pain
    • Faster injury recovery
    • More energy
    • Stronger
    • More flexible
    • Think clearer/faster, less brain fog

    These are just MY experiences with the diet. Trial & Error is your best bet.

    Apparently, the carnivore diet is even good for those who have traumatic brain injury.

    For more research, Your #1 resource for the Carnivore diet would be from Dr. Shawn Baker.

    Weight Cutting:

    Personally, I don’t like to cut huge amounts of weight and I wouldn’t go more than 5% above my natural weight for many reasons. Weight cutting, to me, is not only sanctioned cheating, but can be extremely dangerous if done incorrectly. I would rather compete at my natural weight, not have to worry about making weight, and be in top level performance the day before I fight. Why would you want to kill yourself before getting in the cage with someone who’s already trying to kill you?

    In my eyes, the risks just ain’t worth it.

    PROS of cutting weight:

    • Weight advantage
    • Strength advantage (if done correctly)
    • Builds mental toughness

    CONS of cutting weight:

    • Failed weight cuts ruin fights or you pay the price in fines
    • Performance drop from having to recover from a weight cut
    • Less water in the brain = More susceptible to brain damage
    • More susceptible to brain damage = More likely to get knocked out
    • DEATH

    Top MMA Promotion, ONE Championship, has abolished weight cutting due to its causes of deaths in the sport. Even Joe Rogan believes the UFC should adopt this policy.

    If you’re still in the fence about weight cutting here are perfect examples of a dangerous weight cut compared to a safe one.

    With that said, if you were built in a lab like Yoel Romero, then by all means, weight cut responsibly!

    9. How Do I Improve My Mobility/Flexibility For MMA?

    Research Loaded Progressive Stretching. A concept used and developed by Ido Portal.

    3 Most Bang for your Buck Stretching Exercises:

    The ‘Diagonal Stretch’ – the queen of full body stretches

    The Horse Stance. When asked, what is the quickest way to achieve side splits, Ido Portal answers with “Build a 5 step and 7 step 5 min horse stance with hips parallel to floor.”


    Mobilizing The Scapulavery important prehab and rehab tool for shoulder health.

    YouTube Channels for Stretching:

    How To Kick Higher:

    Got The Money Version:

    Movement education & practice, all inquiries email Ido Portal:

    10. How Do I Recover Faster And/Or Avoid Injuries In MMA?

    “Improper alignment is a certainty, not a possibility.” – Ido Portal. Let’s be real. No matter how safe we train MMA, injuries are bound to happen—in sport and in LIFE.

    2 Big bang for your buck shotgun approaches that may help with some issues.
    • Make hanging and squatting part of your daily movement vocabulary both inside and outside of your training sessions.
    • Hanging challenge as described here 7 cumulative minutes of hanging per day every day (essential to shoulder health)

    • I recommend starting with passive hangs: two arm pronated, two arm supinated. Build up to a 2 minute consecutive two arm pronated passive hang. If going completely passive aggravates the issue, hold a certain amount of tension to avoid the pain and gradually move towards the relaxed hang – use something that can be sustained for sets of no less than 30-45.
      • Squat mobility 2.0 (essential to hip, knees, & ankle health)

    (contains some spinal mobility)

    • Squat Challenge

    Read the first pinned post.

    The Ido Portal style of Rehab – MOVEMENT.

    Careful application, measured dosages, working around pain but staying persistent. The ability to respond to stressors will take care of it as long as you place the right demands over the body, which means you can be your own physical therapist, in many cases, more successfully than your physical therapist because he does not live inside your body and does not know where you want to steer this feeling. SELF EXPERIMENTATION is key.

    Ido Portal’s Daily Anti-Inflammatory Protocol

    1. Ice the area for 20 min three times a day.
    2. Apply a combination of Traumeel-S cream and 5 drops each of the essential oils Helichrasum Italicum and Wintergreen, three time a day. Post Ice.
    The last application apply twice the traumeel – at the start, then the oils and again at the end. Then take a cotton piece, pour boiling water on it,
    wait a few seconds, squeeze it to damp and place on the area. Wrap the whole thing in plastic wrap and sleep with it overnight.
    3. Increase EPA from Omega-3 supplementation to 10-15 capsules a day. Get a pharmaceutical grade brand or forget about the whole thing.

    Be accurate, consistent and repetitive and you will see great benefits from this protocol.

    *In addition, during recovery, I would also avoid eating sugary / processed foods, as most people are carb intolerant and most carbs cause inflammatory reactions. Eating meat will be your best bet.


    BONUS: I Want To Compete In MMA, How Do I Get Started?

    So you wanna be a fighter? Here are some SERIOUS things to consider…

    Read this article first to get your mind right:

    Then if you’re still interested you can sign up below for my newsletter and get your FREE MMA Blueprint on MMA Competition.

    Got a question that’s not listed here?

    Hit me up, on the Contact Page and I’ll do my best to respond back to you ASAP!

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