MMA MENTOR: The Ultimate Fight Guide to the best tips, tools, and teachers that support the development for Mixed Martial Artists.

I seek to find the most valuable and practical Mentors in ANY subject that can be applied to the world of MMA. From the in-depth, innovative minds to the uncommon approaches of this sport. Mentors play a big part of our learning curve & Collective Knowledge is a Luxury.

Some Basic Beliefs & Values that are Important to me:

Give Credit Where Credit Is Due. If I didn’t think of it myself you’ll know the exact source that I got it from.

Practice What You Preach. The only advice I give is the same advice I take and apply to my own life.

Adapt & Evolve. We live in an ever-changing world with ever-changing information. Never stop learning. Never stop perfecting your craft.

NO B.S. Find something wrong? Call me out on it. Everyone makes mistakes, but only the real ones come clean.

Keep It Real. No fluff… No gimmicks… Real training. Real life shit.

Use this site as a reliable resource of collective knowledge to better yourself as a Martial Artist.

Train Right. Fight. Win.

– Mike G.