What 99% of people get wrong about training MMA...

"Most people identify MMA as this kind of eclectic sport where you just take, pick and choose skills from other combat sports and gerrymander them together...is it really just this eclectic sport where it's a little bit of wrestling, a little bit of kickboxing, a little bit of karate, a little bit boxing, and a little bit of jiu-jitsu?…NO." — John Danaher

The Road To Mastery

*Just one of many concepts borrowed from Ido Portal


Striking, Clinching, Grappling


Shoot Boxing + Clinch Boxing + Fence Boxing + Grapple Boxing


"First you modify yourself to the practice, but in the end you modify the practice to you.
Only then will you be your honest self AND a Master." - Ido Portal

Truth is, You Don’t Need To Train With The Best In The World — You Just Need Access To The RIGHT Information…


“The Good Teacher Holy Trinity” By Ido Portal


Real mentors produce real repetitive results. From one successful student to another, to yet another, and they come from similar demographics to yours. A real coach can turn a beginner into an expert whether you are young or old, male or female, big or small, etc.

2. NO B.S.

The theory that supports the practice should be sound. You caught him with a mistake? Notify him. If he doesn’t deal with it, move on. Everyone can make mistakes, but real mentors clean up their act when they catch themself making one.


The teacher practices what he preaches. No exceptions. If he believes so much in what he does – why wouldn’t he? In any age – you can do SOMETHING, you can practice what you recommend others to practice, really – no exceptions.



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Most Notable Students

Lawrence Kenshin

Lawrence Kenshin

Striking Anaylist

"In 2 short years, Jeff [MMAShedded] became the #1 Asian MMA YouTuber for a reason. He blew this course out of the water. If you want to become a better striker in MMA, this [The MMA Striker] is a must have."

Conor McGregor

Conor McGregor


"The master of movement Ido Portal is back in town!!!
It is an honour to have Ido assisting me in my preparation to fight and so much more! His knowledge of movement is never ending and I am realising it is because he never rests in his search of knowledge.
The master student!"

Gordon Ryan

Gordon Ryan

3x ADCC Champion

"Danaher looks at the sport in a completely different way than anyone else...John’s whole approach to the sport is a series of systems designed to put these guys in positions they’re not used to...And with this approach we were easily able to overcome world-level athletes winning at black belt since before we started training in under 5 years’ time."

Georges St-Pierre

Georges St-Pierre

UFC Welterweight GOAT

"We’ve never lost a fight together. But the most important reason Firas is my head coach is that he only knows to speak the truth, and I need that."
Excerpt From his book: “The Way of the Fight"

"NO B.S." Posts

Read 'Em & Weep

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